When Two Rivers Meet – Rhillig

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When Two Rivers Meet is an album by Rhillig, featuring original and traditional tunes and songs inspired by Dartmoor and beyond

Featuring Phil and Mahrey Berthoud on fiddles, vocals, guitars, bodhran and mandolin

The album features a variety of material, from a ballad based on the moving story of the Buckland clock, to a foot-tapping trip up Haytor; from the haunting beauty of Sweet Rosalie to the disconcerting Hairy Hands of Postbridge!  There’s also the lovely A Ship Came Sailing, collected by Baring-Gould in Hexworthy and a flowing evocation of the East and West River Darts meeting at Dartmeet.  Other tracks include the rowdy Rough Music Tonight (a traditional form of punishment!), a terrifying hanging and the drowning of an entire village!


The B3212/The Hairy Hands of Postbridge
The Buckland Clock
The Brighton Polka/The Halfpenny Polka
A Ship Came Sailing
The Empty Chair
The Ballad of Semmerwater
When Two Rivers Meet
Sweet Rosalie
Rhianna’s Waltz/Emerald Jig/Louis’ Reel
Bonny at Morn
The Haytor Polka/Old Adam the Poacher
Just One Kiss
The Ghost/The Skeleton in the Cupboard
Ruth Ellis
Irish Reels
Rough Music Tonight