Freedom Fields Ceilidh Band

Phil plays regularly on fiddle and guitar with the prominent Freedom Fields Ceilidh Band.


Phil, together with wife Mahrey, form acoustic folk duo Rhillig.  Phil plays fiddle, guitar and mandolin and Mahrey sings and plays fiddle, guitar and bodhran.  Their music is inspired by the traditional music of the British Isles, in particular Dartmoor

Solo Guitar

Phil performs as a solo acoustic guitarist, covering styles such as pop music of all eras, blues, world music, folk and jazz.

Stringing Along

Together with Mahrey Berthoud, Phil performs with Stringing Along – Devon-based duo that performs in nursing/care homes.  Singalong popular songs from the early 20th century onwards, folk music, activities and audience participation all make for an enjoyable, party-like atmosphere for everyone.