Phil Berthoud

Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Bass

Performer, teacher, composer, author of music instruction books and arranger.

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About Phil Berthoud

Author of multiple instructional books on Fiddle, Mandolin and Guitar, as well as arranger of collections of traditional music.

Teacher and Performer with over 30 years’ experience, specialising in Folk Music (especially Irish), Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz

Composer, Author and Arranger

Up Sligo/The Morning Dew

by Phil Berthoud - Fiddle

Cock O The North/Mason's Apron

by Phil Berthoud - Fiddle

Exodus (film theme)

by Phil Berthoud - mandolin and guitar

Instrument Tuition

Irish Fiddle

With a lively and foot-tapping style, developed over 35 years of playing, Phil’s extensive experience includes being a top-selling author of Fiddle Books, published by Mel Bay; bringing his infectious, solid playing to numerous bands; and sharing his love and deep knowledge of Irish fiddle playing with countless students. 


Phil started his musical journey on guitar in 1979.  Since then he has played in many bands as well as solo, and has had several collections of guitar music published by Mel Bay.  For 30 years, Phil has been a sought after teacher of all ages and standards, on acoustic and electric guitar.  His aim is to share the love of making music, tailoring lessons to each individual student.


A versatile and expressive mandolin player, Phil has had several books published on Mandolin playing, including Irish Mandolin Playing: A Complete Guide.  When it comes to performing and teaching, Phil plays many other styles, including popular, rock, world music and blues. 


Phil has taught countless students to play the Ukulele over the years.  Whether a child beginner or an existing adult player who wants to expand their horizons on this little instrument, Phil is one of the best teachers around.

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