Irish Fiddle Playing: A Guide for the Serious Player 2

A guide to intermediate/advanced techniques and theory for Irish Fiddle Players

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This book is a follow-up to ‘Irish Fiddle Playing: A Guide for the Serious Player’. The student will gain a deeper knowledge of fiddle playing and improve their overall playing and musical understanding. Subjects include:
fingering and bowing techniques
playing with other musicians
converting from classical to traditional
improvising in songs

The player will become more aware of the mechanics of playing the fiddle, putting them in a position to:
improve their sound
develop their own style
play more effectively and confidently with others

As with the first book in the series, it contains pieces of advice from the author’s 25 years of playing music. The format of the book is similar to this first book. Section 1 deals with various aspects of fiddle playing. Section 2 contains a selection of mostly well-known tunes, fully transcribed with variations, embellishments/ornaments. Includes access to online audio