In the Footsteps of the Vagabond – CD album

Traditional music of Cumbria, Devon and Norfolk, underpinned with Zimbabwe inspired accompaniment.  All proceeds to charity

In the Footsteps of the Vagabond

Traditional Music inspired by important places in John Bradburne’s life – Cumbria, Devon, Norfolk and Zimbabwe.  Arranged and performed by Phil Berthoud, with help from his wife Mahrey (vocals, recorder), son Louis (drums and percussion, daughter Rhianna (artwork) and her partner Billy Tucker (mixing and mastering).

100% of profits go to Mutemwa Leprosy Settlement

  1. The King’s Head Hornpipe (The King’s Head Hornpipe; The Elterwater Hornpipe)
  2. Skirwith, Cumberland (John Bradburne poem set to Untitled Air from Cumbria)
  3. A Starry Night for a Ramble (The Old Garden Gate; Starry Night for a Ramble)
  4. Seventeen Come Sunday
  5. Woodland Flowers (Woodland Flowers; The Ulverstone Volunteers)
  6. Cumberland Nelly
  7. Bell Ringing
  8. The Perfect Cure (The Perfect Cure; The Helm Wind; Trip to the Lakes)
  9. The Wanderer
  10. Adam Lay y Bounden
  11. Bold Carter

Skirwith, Cumberland – poem written by John Bradburne 1949

“This album is inspired by my Godfather John Bradburne.  It comprises a selection of traditional music from Cumbria, Norfolk and Devon, with a distinct Zimbabwean flavour.  All significant places in John’s life.  Many thanks to Kate McPherson and The John Bradburne Memorial Society for supporting this project.  And thanks also to John for his never-ending inspiration.” – Phil Berthoud

100% of profits from the sale of this CD go to Mutemwa Leprosy Settlement, where John selflessly devoted his last ten years to the care of the residents.

​More information on John, his extraordinary life, his beautiful poetry and the cause for his sainthood can be found at – website of The John Bradburne Memorial Society.


Phil Berthoud – Guitars, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass, Harmonium, Keyboards Mahrey Berthoud – Vocals, Recorder Louis Berthoud – Drums and Percussion With John Bradburne’s voice recorded in Mutemwa featured on track 4

Cover design and artwork – Rhianna Berthoud; Mixed and mastered by – Billy Tucker